My 10 best recipes for Soulfood soups in autumn

S o, at the weekend it was darn gray and rainy - in Hamburg the summer world is just setting and making room for autumn. Time to exchange the picnic blankets and open slippers for sofa covers and a new candle armada. And, of course, something warm and steamy in the bowls must be added: tasty soups and stews that fill you up with great taste and make you happy from the inside.

That's why I picked out my 10 most delicious soup recipes. I am very sure that your darling will definitely be there and bring you very comfortably into the fall.

Have it delicious! ღ

The soup with bratwurst dumplings, spinach and beans is incredibly easy - but also incredibly tasty. A splash of lemon and a dollop of pesto make for an exciting Mediterranean touch. Perfect if you are frozen through and hungry to get home and what "real" in the stomach needs.

Fall time is cold time. If you get caught by a nasty cold right now, you definitely need the best chicken soup to get well. Self-power in a big pot - the fragrance alone ensures spontaneous improvement.

Red beans, jalapeno, chilli, strong spices - here a decent portion of Mexico can jump into the soup pot. The aromatic-savory red bean soup Mexican Style brings a stunningly rich consistency and the decisive bit of "hot". With rice or tortillas you can also pimp loosely for a sumptuous meal.

The velvety hummus soup is a super healthy fast food. And so simple: Fresh ingredients are first simply pureed in the blender velvety and then cooked very briefly. The result: A lightning fast, delicious soup that tastes totally fresh and still contains as much as possible all healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables - so to say a hot super smoothies. Try it!

Turnips are ugly at first glance - and beautiful on the second. Once you have broken up a thick specimen with the greatest muscular power, the pale yellow interior with the scent reminiscent of radish lies in front of you. And this is especially hearty, slightly sweet and aromatic, if you cook it slowly or stewed for a while. I have no idea where the rutabaga suddenly brings out all that wonderful flavor. WAMM - suddenly it's there. It's magic. That's why you need only a few more ingredients for this tasty turnip stew with Mettwurst. For that you get a big pot with a simple and delicious winter meal. Very big turnip love!

Tastes As with grandma: The clear soup with semolina dumplings is wonderfully simple and limited to a few unagitated ingredients. Large, fluffy semolina dumplings float in an aromatic, home-made broth. There is still a little crisp winter vegetables - that's real love on the plate!

Pimp your Potato Soup: The potato soup with spice butter and crunchy pretzel croutons is wonderfully velvety, and also comes with compelling extras.A wonderfully creamy and rich affair with a hint of spiciness, a little sweetness and a crunchy topping. Very creamy, satisfying and warming - but so vegetable that you will not be missing in the Fresskoma for the next two hours. By the way, also very much loved by non vegans.

Rich, sumptuous, spicy and filling - the peanut and eggplant soup comes with lots of strong spices like ginger and cumin, tomatoes, eggplant and green beans. A large spoonful of peanut butter - a real comfort soup (with a tendency to stew) - provides the perfect soup delight.

A classic from the Jewish kitchen: Matzo Ball Soup aka matzo dumpling soup. The big, heavy dumplings made of matzo bread (or substitute crispbread) simmer in the aromatic chicken broth and absorb all the great flavor. In addition, there are large pieces of carrots and celery - makes you happy very quickly. In addition, this soup also has the epithet "Penicillin of the East" and should also work wonders for colds.