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 Dear Valued Customers,Welcome to Curry In Hurry.  You are about to experience an Authentic, Healthy, Gourmet, Vegetarian Meal in Austin.  We are proud to serve Austin for past 8 years.  We have remodeled and expanded into a full dining restaurant with 2 locations Please visit us and experience the best Indian food in town.  

What Makes Curry in Hurry Different from rest:

Best Quality food at lowest price in AustinWe use freshest ingredients from our supermarkets.We are vegan friendly.We can serve food without onion, garlic and potato (Jain & Swaminarayan friendly)We offer the vegetarian food from all over IndiaHealthy, Gourmet, Home style food.We offer Breakfast, Desserts, Meals, Fresh Juices & Drinks, Fresh Snacks, Savory Chats, Fresh Bread, and more.
We offer Free WIFI.

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Jazmin D.

This place is not "closed down" but the name did change from Curry in a Hurry to Chutney!They're open and the food was delicious! I ordered the Thali Special through UberEats and was not disappointed, the food came quickly (maybe just because i'm close?) and it was piping hot and packed nicely.


Sylvia I.

I stopped by this restaurant because I was in a hurry, but it was a let down.  I am being generous with my rating, because of how peaceful it was and how delicious the food was.  I like that you can shop for groceries there as well.  But there was something lost in translation and I didn't get what I ordered and there was no sympathy with the price (it was more expensive).  And a party who came after me was tended to before my meal came.  I hope this is an isolated instance, and that I experience a better visit some other time.  Thanks and have a nice day.


Francis S.

The food here has a very homemade flavor. That's nice in the sense that there's a lot less oil in their food, but it lacks the flavor most restaurants have. I was also sad that their Lassi was expensive as compared to the rest of their food. Service is good, but I'm willing to say probably understaffed. There was only one person in the front serving the entire time we came and it was a bit hectic for her I'm willing to bet even if there were only 3 customers. One complaint I'd have would be that the food is a bit on the cold side. I'm willing to say that's probably because it was a low tide after rush hour. I'd come here again. It's pleasant and well priced for what you get.


Iris T.

We were making a day trip to Austin and was looking for a place to get lunch. We called in asking if they offered anything without onion and garlic and they said they had one curry but they could make a lentil soup which would take 40 minutes (the place was about to open but hadn't yet) and we would need to tell them. We ended up giving them a try. We tried calling them back but the line was busy (translation: no lentil soup).It was located at the corner of a somewhat empty center and it was good because it meant we were the first and only ones there (it gets a little awkward when you hold up a line). A lady greeted us; her accent was a bit strong but she was really nice and helpful. We then added we couldn't eat hing so the curry we originally could have eaten could no longer be eaten. I was getting a little worried but they ended up making another curry to make up for it. They did have a decent spread already out even though they had barely opened for 15 minutes. I didn't stare at it too long because I get sad when I can't eat something and the special of the day was something along the lines of a paneer korma, something I love. We ended up getting a random assortment of food that they could provide, given our dietary restrictions, and we left full. I didn't actually catch many of the names but we got 8 samosas with a sweet (tamarind-based?) dipping sauce, a plain dosa with coconut chutney, lemon rice, this mystery dry potato and squash-pepper curry which they made just for us, a thali with green mangos and sev, puri fried bread, and this sweet mango yogurt with random fruit side towards the end. Everything was quite good. You can never go wrong with samosas and the dipping sauce was great. I loved the dosa but I would probably prefer it with a curry of some sort. I also found the rice and curry to be delicious and the thali refreshing. The mango-yogurt side was perfect and it even had some random bits of fruit - I liked how everything was perfectly spiced, not too salty, and the mango-yogurt was not at all too sweet, which is something I find to be a constant (I had it before and I found theirs to be way too sweet). The lady was constantly checking up on us. It was a little confusing because we couldn't follow their set offerings that day (they have daily specials) and we had no idea what we were going to eat or when the food would end, but our needs were met. The only thing was that because the plates came out communal style other than the samosas and dosa, we had to figure out how to share everything without being given additional plates. Of course, we never requested for more, so it's not entirely her fault, but you would think since some of us were awkwardly sharing a plate, it would be nice to get one more.The interior was clean for the most part. I didn't feel like the food was hot, but it was separated by a glass partition of sorts, similar to one at a cafeteria so definitely not buffet. I'm not sure how the food is priced, but for 5 people, it totaled at around per person (we took advantage of the 10% off discount from Yelp). Pretty reasonable. There are restrooms around back that are in fairly good condition. All in all, not bad at all. Throughout our visit, the lady was on and off the phone taking orders. It appears as if most people tend to order take out as opposed to dining in and they also do catering. By the time we left, there was actually a line of 3 people (all Indian, so the food must be good and authentic, right?) waiting to pick up their food.Yay for Indian food! :) Also, major bonus points for a cute name.


Lisa B.

I hadn't been here in a while, but I was in this part of town recently and stopped in. I'm not sure if my taste in Indian food has changed, or if this place is slipping, or maybe it was just a bad day. It took a lot of waiting before someone came out and took my order. The food was pretty delicious, but some of it wasn't very hot, so I worried a little about eating it (but did anyway, and it was delicious and caused no issues.) Hopefully just an off day. This place has long been a favorite of mine for authentic delicious and cheap Indian food. It's just far from my home.I also noticed that they have expanded and made more room for seating! The best thing here is still the samosas! I could eat them all day, every day.


Samuel C.

Samuel C's Fundamental Law of Indian Food Served in RestaurantsThe Bread and the Appetizers Are Way More Interesting Than the Curries.*********Correlate of Samuel C's Fundamental Law of Indian Food Served in RestaurantsThalis - which are big expensive samples of most of the curries in the house - are a bad deal.*****Yes, you can get amazing curries if you get invited to the house of Indian friends and they cook their family recipes for you.But restaurant curry tends to be boring - and that applies at any level of heat from Madras to Vandaloo.Indian appetizers are generally fun; Indian breads can be highly entertaining.Dessert is dessert all around the world. Save room for dessert.*******In the case of Curry in a Hurry, we are talking cheap utility Indian here.This means the good stuff is ok (rather than excellent).The dull stuff is less than ok but it's not awful either.The best bet on the menu is the appetizers.One appetizer here is a meal for a heath conscious normal person.If you stuff your food into your mouth with a shovel, the way I do... okay, two or three appetizers.The appetizers work on a standard formula. Take an interesting Indian starch. (Somosa, pappadam, puffed rice, homemade bread). Dump curry on it. Dump a bunch of sauces and veggie garnishes on it.What's not to like?It may be better elsewhere, but it is solid enough here.The curries served straight up in a bowl aren't as interesting as they are when they get the fancy foundation and fresh garnish treatment you get in the appetizers.*****Overall, there are better cheap Indian places in the U.S. The Naan and Curry chain in California blows Curry in a Hurry away. But you won't die eating at Curry in a Hurry.You WILL die eating at the lowest tier of cheap Indian restaurants.Curry in a Hurry isn't THAT bad.


Lindsay M.

I haven't had Indian food in a long time and so I was really happy when my friend Amanda suggested it for lunch.The food is laid out cafeteria style. I decided to order the lunch special to make it easy ;-) ... It was a lot of food! I had a samosa (love those), roti bread (tortilla-like), paneer, chaat and lemon rice. The food was very good and filling!Everyone there was really friendly. And they offer 10% off if you check in on Yelp. I definitely recommend!


Deanna R.

Previously I would've given this location 5 stars. I ate here at least twice a week during my 5yr tenure at Apple, oftentimes picking up food for coworkers. It was fast and tasty.Now- It's not "a hurry" when you go in and stand there for 10 minutes and no one comes out, even after ringing the bell multiple times. All during lunch time. I left without ordering.Today I went to give them another chance, and they're closed on Mondays. Another disappointment.Won't be back.


Sam F.

Thought we were gonna just be able to pop in and grab some grub for dinner but things did not go well at all...We walked in and the place was dead. As we approached the counter we were trying to get our bearings in regards to the menu and the two women behind the counter were obviously quite annoyed with us. It may have been since we were taking awhile to order, but there was no one behind us for the first bit and then once we figured out what we wanted there were only two people behind us. When we did try to order the ladies were still very cold and unhelpful. My mom really wanted to try the eggplant curry but it was pretty much out; however, one lady tried to mash up the potato and tell my mom it was eggplant... not cool. As for the food itself it was just so-so, definitely nothing stellar. Lentil soup was good and chickpea curry was okay but I didn't care for the bread they served on the side. Either way based on the service I wouldn't return.


Neil O.

Growing up as a kid I always thought that I was fairly familiar with Indian food; at least as much as I could be growing up in a middle class suburb in Texas. But overtime, after going to more and more Indian resturaunts the more I realized that I hardly knew true Indian at all. That's why experiences like the one I had here at Curry In Hurry are so valuable and what make the place stand out, they don't try to cater to the more "americanized" pallets with curries like Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, Korma, etc. plastered all over their menu, but instead offer authentic dishes & meal deals that include a variation of curries that I typically never know the real name of... But which never tends to matter all that much because every single one I have had here I have enjoyed a lot. If you're looking for the typical Americanized Indian fare then I wouldn't recommend going here because you'll probably be confused on what to order, but if you're looking for an authentic Indian experience and don't mind being surprised with what you're given, come here asap.


Victor E.

We popped in for a quick lunch. The curries were delicious, the lentil soup was good, bread was not more than ok, but hey, it came included in the price. Everything is also very affordable. Warmly recommended.And then go to the Bazar next door (ok, 3 doors down) to pick up some Holi colors.....


Shayer S.

Been here a few times. This is quick and cafeteria style. Not too much decor or personality. The few times, I've gone in, the person serving has been sweet and kind.Food is okay, The one time I got the combo with the dessert, I had to throw away the dessert. It was so stale, they shouldn't have served it. I think it's okay if you are needing something right away. Otherwise, I would just go to Bombay Express, which is pretty close by. Comparing dish to dish, Bombay Express's version is just fresher and tastier. But it's decent. So I may drop by again if I'm in a rush.


Mrs. Arati S.

I took my parents to this place on a Monday afternoon, and I have to admit I was not entirely impressed with this place. We ordered their .99 special which included 1 vegetable, 1 lentil (Daal), 4 chapatti's (Indian flatbread), rice, a small samosa and dessert. The actual taste of the food was not bad, but I was dissapointed that they didn't make their flatbreads fresh; they were already pre-made and not made-to-order. The water they offered to drink also had a weird smell to it. The interaction I had with the lady behind the counter left much to be desired; i.e. it was very confusing and I still have no idea what she was trying to say.Bombay Express on 13000 N I-35, offers a .99 special which includes 2 vegetables, a lentil soup, and fresh made-to-order flatbreads along with their specials. The place is nice and clean and their food tastes fresh and authentic. I would rather suggest going to Bombay Express as opposed to Curry in a Hurry.


Daneille T.

I loved this curry! Although it's called "Curry in Hurry" they really do take their time, so I wouldn't suggest this to someone looking for a grab and go super quick meal. The curry was amazing though, so flavorful!! The time that it took to wait for it was well worth it because of the quality.


Laurent R.

Excellent food, great value. My favorite lunch place in the area so far.The Dosa  was one the best ones I ever had.


Aron Y.

Wow, how the heck did I not realize that this is a *vegetarian* restaurant?!? LOL. I apologize for this uninformative review upfront but I thought I would share my hilarious/confusing experience anyway. I'm sure I'm not the first person to make this mistake.Well, I like Indian food and I've had this place bookmarked as one of the most highly rated Indian food places around my house. Therefore, when I walked into the place one Saturday afternoon, I had high expectations.I was greeted by a dimly lit cafeteria style room, completely empty except 2 scruffy looking Indian dudes in the corner. I walked up to the counter but nobody was there. I looked at the silver serving trays and looked at the labels. What the heck are these? Where are my tikki masalas? Now the Indian dudes are looking at me. I walked over to the other end of the counter. Nobody. I felt so out of place.Then finally, a lady came out from the back and asked me what I want. I asked for recommendations. She pointed at the menu above, then pointed to the serving trays, and said some words. I couldn't understand any of it. It might be the accent. But I'm a PhD student in Computer Science! I should be used to Indian accents since I hang out with a ton of Indian students. Still, I couldn't understand anything but the words "special combo". I'm desperate at this point so I just said, "I'll have the special combo to go". It worked!!!So for .99, I got some kind of curry with potatoes, some lentil stuff, samosa, naan, some kind of sweet sauce, and some kind of dessert that's green on the inside and coated in silver on the outside. I'm such a noob at vegetarian Indian food.What an experience. When I got home and realized that none of the items had any meat in them, my wife pitied me so much that she microwaved me some Chinese pork chop. Oh btw, the food was okay actually. I just had no idea what I was eating and I was barely half full after finishing everything.


Vicky Z.

I live close by and have been to the pok-e-jos next doors many times. Yesterday it was close for new year so we went to curry in a hurry instead. It was surprisingly good. Okra with potato was my fav. Paneer curry also nice. Dessert, some red wheat balls, were not disturbingly sweet. Fried rice had good cumin flavor in it. Overall very pleasant. Spicy level were mostly mild to medium.


Kelli D.

Dosa wasn't worth writing home about. Would go back to try a vegetable dish before I totally dismissed the place but thus far, I haven't been impressed.


Mariana R.

Had Indian food for the first time at Curry in a Hurry, it was great, we had a huge plate with different options. Service was great. The location was clean and neat. Loved it!


Z O.

had lunch here a week ago and it was almost the middle of the afternoon when we got there. we were the only ones around, so yay! you order cafeteria style. hubby and i got 2 entrees, rice and naan. it's a pretty small portion, but surprisingly filling. sorry, i really can't even tell you what i had because there's no way i'd ever remember the names, but it was all good. i also just went by how the dish looked. since it was all vegetarian, and i love indian spices, sauces, chutneys, etc., i wasn't worried in the least. like i said, we enjoyed everything we ate and will definitely be back. the mango lassi was good too. not terribly sweet. the restrooms were clean and the place was too.

 Dear Valued Customers,

Welcome to Curry In Hurry.  You are about to experience an Authentic, Healthy, Gourmet, Vegetarian Meal in Austin.  We are proud to serve Austin for past 8 years.  We have remodeled and expanded into a full dining restaurant with 2 locations Please visit us and experience the best Indian food in town.  

What Makes Curry in Hurry Different from rest:

Best Quality food at lowest price in AustinWe use freshest ingredients from our supermarkets.We are vegan friendly.We can serve food without onion, garlic and potato (Jain & Swaminarayan friendly)We offer the vegetarian food from all over IndiaHealthy, Gourmet, Home style food.We offer Breakfast, Desserts, Meals, Fresh Juices & Drinks, Fresh Snacks, Savory Chats, Fresh Bread, and more.
We offer Free WIFI.

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