"Kulleraugen" - the recipe for my favorite and simplest Christmas cookies.

Y eah! The child and I have baked Christmas cookies and that before the first Advent. That never happened before and I'm really proud of us. Baking in Advent is one of those ideas that make up the magic of Christmas. In the spirit one sees oneself sipping a mulled wine in the kitchen, adventurous music splashing out of the digital loudspeaker, the whole family is laughing and everyone is happily stinging their cookies. Like in a spot for baked margarine. Only that the reality (at least for us) usually looks totally different. And I suspect that we are not alone again.

Years ago I threw the compulsion of the festive, multi-course family dinner on Christmas Eve already from me. For reasons. Since then we are very, very happy with our potato salad according to grandma's recipe. Only the cookies - well. Since then I still had quite high demands. Yes, I confess: I was very ambitious. That's no wonder, if you look at the stunning and perfectly decorated creations in this internet. You also want to be able to do that. Only that the inner hurdle, then to really bake, even higher, than by the tight daily time corset anyway. We wanted to ... still! It's December 27th.

This year, our Advent bakery is going to get a decisive boost. I rummaged in my cookie memory and remembered the advent baking with my mother. Cookies in unusual shapes we have made (which are always on the sheet are melted), cookies with thick, colorful icing and silver and golden beads (it was the 80s, nech), the looked great, but always in the cookie jar because I stayed did not like the taste. And googly eyes. Kulleraugen were my absolute favorite cookies: A tender crunchy shortcrust pastry with nusseigen almonds and a fat blob of jam in the middle. What can be better and easier?

And so, the kid and I confessed in the kitchen last weekend and made them goo together. The normal ingredients for the shortcrust pastry are kneaded together quickly. And even if it is still crumbly and brittle at the beginning, it becomes soft and supple by cooling down. This is the first time we have used a really great kitchen helper: the Yolk Fish. It separates the egg yolk from the protein with an easy touch. The child is almost freaked out and did not want to put his new buddy away. The child is totally into egg races. So far we've always had dramas: eggs on the floor, eggs next to the bowl, broken egg yolks, atomized shells in the egg whites ... I think we've already invested monthly salaries in our son's egg distilling skills. Everything was easy this time. And that's why we had to make a movie about it. The kid has just discovered LEGO-buildup movies on YouTube and has been dreaming of a great director-cameraman-YouTube career ever since. Here you can marvel at the first work:

We are totally happy with our simple googly eyes. The cookie jar sits on the kitchen table and every morning after breakfast we eat together a biscuit. The child has already calculated that exactly: In 4 days, we have to make goof eyes again. Yeah, I'm in.

What about you?24 googly eyes)

250 g of flour and ½ teaspoon of baking powder and ½ teaspoon of ground vanilla and 1 pinch of salt and 100 g of sugar and 3 eggs and 150 g of cold butter with rapeseed oil
100 g chopped almonds
filling yellow and red jam

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooling time: 30-60 minutes
Baking time: 18-20 minutes

And this is how it works:
Using a whisk, mix the flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt well. Separate the eggs. Put the egg white aside.

Add the sugar, butter and egg yolks to the flour and knead a crumbly dough with your hands. Put the dough covered in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 170 ° C and lay out a baking tray with parchment paper.

Knead the dough again briefly. Form walnut-sized balls and use the style of the whisk (or cooking spoon) to press small pits into the balls.

Dip the biscuits briefly into the egg whites and then dipping into the chopped almonds. Fill the well with some red and yellow jam.

Place the eyes on the baking tray, bake for 18-20 minutes and let cool. Keep in a cookie jar.

Tip: Real sweet tooths add extra jam to their eyes before serving