{Hamburg Tips} Stockholm Espresso Club, Beast and The Chug Club. Contains advertising for the most beautiful city in the world.

H amburg is the most beautiful city in the world - of which at least the hamburgers and also a pretty, rather large remnant of Germany are very convinced. Because only in the Hanseatic city comes the filthy of Berlin and the neat and elegant of the old Hamburg merchant tradition so wonderful together. This is what the two great waters of the city stand for: the blue pearl Alster, which is so cultivated and sublime in the middle of the city. And the rough and wild Elbe, which is constantly in motion and has always brought exciting influences from all over the world to Hamburg. Here everyone will find their favorite corner or a neighborhood in which he spontaneously feels at home.

In Hamburg you can certainly sing many love songs. A very special but definitely on the culinary art. In addition to the well-known and traditional star restaurants and companies of well-known TV chefs, new small and big surprises are springing up all over the place. Some are quickly on everyone's lips, others remain for a long time a well-kept secret tip of the people from the respective district.

To Hamburgern and Hamburg visitors to introduce all the small and large pearls, Hamburg Tourism has now the great initiative "Eat & Drink where the heart is!" Was launched. On the homepage of Hamburg-Tourismus, Hamburgers introduce Hamburg's favorite restaurants, cafes and bars - for those who want to rediscover the city or for those looking for new culinary hotspots.

I was delighted to be an election and heart hamburger, visiting three of the most popular and yelp rated locations for you and creating a portrait. It includes an exceptional café, a small restaurant with a favorite factor and a great bar where you can dine in style on the Kiez: STOCKHOLM ESPRESSO CLUB

The Stockholm Espresso Club is surprisingly not in the great Swedish city, but in a residential area of ​​the even fancier Hamburg-Winterhude. But the coffee served there comes from the Swedish roasting house KOPPI and promises gentle roasting of the handpicked coffees purchased from all over the world with direct contact to the producers. A bit away from the main traffic artery Mühlenkamp you will find the two bright, reduced furnished small rooms of the small café. And it immediately becomes clear: the preparation of coffee is really the main thing here.

In three different ways you can prepare your favorite coffees (2.10 - 7.50 €): with the silver-sparkling and hissing Aeropress, with the hand filter and - in an unusual look with glass flask the siphon. There is an exciting selection of cakes and bagels (2.90 - 7.90 €).Then you can just take his coffee as a "to-go" and go for a walk on the nearby weekly market (Saturdays) to the Goldbekufer. Incidentally, all types of coffees served in the Stockholm Espresso Club can also be purchased in nicely designed packages for the local coffee machine or as a souvenir.

Peter-Marquard-Str. 8
22303 Hamburg

10:00 - 18:00



As a small flat roof construction the beast in Hamburg Eimsbüttel is stuck between two impressive old buildings. It could almost be overlooked, therefore, if the light would not fall so warm and inviting on the sidewalk. And if the food was not so good. In the meantime, good food is clearly the focus of attention in the beast - that has meanwhile gotten around in Hamburg.

The small guest room with the black chairs is kept deliberately discreet, on the white walls a few individual lamps provide a pleasant light and let the simple glasses and cutlery sparkle expectantly. The perfect stage for a dinner with exciting cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The service is competent and uncomplicated and advises on request very much to food and wine. The kitchen interprets German dishes in a refreshingly modern way, but also makes trips to the Mediterranean and Asia.

The map is pleasantly short (because here we daily everything freshly prepared) and offers but something for everyone: entrees and main dishes delight meat and fish lovers as well as vegetarians or vegans. Everyone can be happy together when eating here. Experienced and culinary open minded people are e.g. with the sweet potato falafel with quinoa mango salad and peanut sesame dip (11,50 €) guaranteed to be very happy. Or how about a cod fillet in a chard with beetroot risotto, horseradish foam and Topinamburchips (24.50 €)? More basic oriented connoisseurs, however, should absolutely try the perfectly grilled to the desired point tender Huftsteak with extradicken house fries, mustard mayonnaise and cole slaw from white cabbage (22,50 €). The changing dessert menu is also really fun: So you can, for example,For main dishes you should plan between 18 and 25 €. The insider tip is the 3-course menu for a slim € 37.50, in which you can choose as you like, three courses from the menu. The Beast is a great place for people who like to spend a few nice hours with good food and wine in their uncomplicated, young atmosphere, on the plate, far from frothy and frippery.

Von-der -Tann-Straße 5
20259 Hamburg
040 307 254 87

Tuesday to Sunday from 6 pm
Monday is closed



"Welcome to The Chug Club! We have dedicated ourselves here to tequila. If you like, I will gladly explain the card to you ". With such a warm personal greeting from the bartender, you feel right at home. And also like to explain the exceptionally well-designed map. Of course you also get every drink in The Chug Club you know so well. But while you're there, be sure to get involved with the experiment tequila. It does not come here as an ice cold short with salt and lime, but in an almost infinite variety of flavors, flavors and combinations.

Experienced barman Betty Kupsa has come up with the special concept for The Chug Club and is also the driving force when it comes to it , always new, exciting and tasty combinations with tequila to find. So you can actually try some of the creations and immerse yourself in the tequila universe, she also serves the drinks in small glasses - called chugs (4.00 €). But you should not tip the small delicacies anyway - because that would be too bad. Each new little glass is a taste surprise and so you sip in small sips, considering which flavors you can taste, wonder and enjoy. Tequila with peanut, watercress, carrot and ginger, as a spicy or sweet dessert with salted caramel and cream - Tequila has never been more surprising.

Betty imports the raw product bottled from Mexico, which becomes a single preparation then prepared with fruits, vegetables, nuts and flavoring ingredients or prepared in the sous-vide process. Of course, once you've found your favorite drink, you can get it in the big glass (10.50 €).

The Chug Club is a real asset to the Hamburger Kiez: in the successful mix of puffy-cuddly club and sophisticated bar culture, you can go beyond hardcore party and mass processing completely new, Experience surprising moments of pleasure. The insider tip is the "Menu of the Day" (20 €) with 4 different tequila chugs and a Zwibi (intermediate beer) - great for beginners and lovers. For an aperitif before dinner, a cozy evening with friends or as an evening out after a visit to the theater - The Chug Club is a great location on St. Pauli.until Thu and Sun. 18: 00-02: 00h Fr. and Saturday 18: 00-04: 00

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So, now I'm curious - have you ever been there or are you planning a visit to one of the three hotspots? For even more inspiration and lots of tips about the tasty Hamburg, visit the Homepage of Hamburg-Tourismus . And check out the social media channels on the hashtags #hhwheretheheartis and #eatanddrinkwheretheheartis .

I wish you lots of fun and great new discoveries! And do not forget:

Eat & Drink where the heart is!

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